• Mobile Patrols
  • Open & Close
  • Spot Calls
  • Keyholding
  • Alarm Response

Mobile Patrol Services

TEKKEN SECURITY operates a fleet of mobile patrol vehicles. Our vehicles can patrol your premises, visit during closing hours or at random times or perform an open and close service and conduct a full external search of your premises.

We have a modern fleet of vehicles and well-equipped and uniformed security patrol guards to ensure the security of client’s premises. A service can be arranged to call at irregular intervals and carry out patrols a prearranged number of times. Our Security Patrol Guards can perform internal and/or external inspections of your premises

TEKKEN SECURITY also provides an Open and Close service. Our security patrol guards will open and/or close your business and also unset/set your alarm system. This prevents staff from being left vulnerable to do this at dangerous hours.

Keyholding and Escorted Visits

As your Key Holding Security Provider we retain copies of the keys to your business premises in a secure safe. The keys can be used to allow access to your premises out-of-hours for routine checks or investigation after an incident. Our Officers will respond to alarm activations, day or night, eliminating the risk to employees of intruder confrontation, next day fatigue or key holders committing drink driving offences.

Our Officers are also carefully trained to liaise with the Guards, alarm companies and repair contractors to re-secure your premises as soon as possible. Retaining the keys can also allow our officers to give supervised access to emergency services, locksmiths and glaziers through the night or at weekends.

TEKKEN SECURITY also offer an escorted visit service to meet your staff at your premises or escort them  from their home address and return them safely after their task has been completed in the event of an alarm activation.