• Alarms
  • CCTV
  • Intercoms
  • Access Control
  • GSM Unit



CCTV installation is the most cost effective way to monitor, protect and secure your property against vandalism, theft and accidental damage. We install custom-fit surveillance systems for our clients as  both a preventative measure and as an observation device in the event of your theft or damage.

CCTV installation gives you peace of mind in knowing that when something does happen in your business or property, the footage from your surveillance system can be given to the Gardai to try and catch the offenders or as prove for your insurance company.

At TEKKEN SECURITY we offer innovative custom-fit CCTV solutions to secure and monitor your business and to protect your employees and assets.


At TEKKEN SECURITY we can install both voice and video intercoms. These systems allow you to identify callers before going to the door. Apart from the obvious security benefits of such a system, it also gives you an opportunity to turn away nuisance callers.

Access Control and Keypads

At TEKKEN SECURITY, we can supply and install a vast range of Access Control products from basic Keycode to networked systems which can control access to restricted areas on your premises.. The most popular stand alone systems are either swipe-card or proximity based cards. Both cards can also function as an I.D. device.

GSM Unit

GSM units can be connected up to existing intercom units. This unit enables the intercom to dial through to the owner or manager’s mobile phone or landline. They, in turn, can identify the visitor and open the gates by pressing a button on their phone.